Imagined mobilities
Crossed perspectives
Imagined mobilities

Between Arnaud Passalacqua (Historian)
and Allen Batteau (Anthropologist)

An American anthropologist and a French historian debate the significance of elected officials, transport professionals and users’ imaginaries on their choices and on decision making.

Contre-Courants – Tokyo
Ongoing research
Contre-Courants – Tokyo

Sylvie Bonnot Blog's

Tokyo Counter-Currents is a three-month photography campaign, beginning with the slowness of the Trans-Siberian railway and ending in the frenzy of Tokyo. Led by photographer Sylvie Bonnot, the project aims to capture the unique choreography of Japanese crowds in built urban spaces. The first results are expected in the summer of 2014.

How Commuting is Changing Who We Are
The Mobility channel
How Commuting is Changing Who We Are

By David Bissell, geographer

Long hours spent traveling to and from work are subtly changing the way people experience, feel, apprehend and live their lives, especially in a city like Sydney where transport is poor and painful.

Voyager sans ticket ?
Crossed perspectives
Voyager sans ticket ?

Between Jean-Louis Sagot-Duvauroux (Aubagne, France)
and Allan Alaküla (Tallinn, Estonia)

Despite being 3,000 kilometres apart, a French intellectual and a representative of the Tallinn European Union Office come together to discuss a question which both believe to be crucial for the future: the need for free public transport.

Rehabilitating the peri-urban - How to live and move sustainably in these areas?
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Rehabilitating the peri-urban - How to live and move sustainably in these areas?

Challenging conventional wisdom on the peri-urban, Rehabilitating the peri-urban offers unexpected insight and provides avenues for action, in order to live and move sustainably in peri-urban areas. This book offers an interpretation of the themes developed during the 2nd International Meetings of the Mobile Lives Forum, enhanced with numerous portfolios, drawings and interviews.

Manifesto: Preparing the Mobile Transition
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Manifesto: Preparing the Mobile Transition
Mobility is a vehicle for community development and offers a strong basis for personal freedom. Current policies are designed primarily to facilitate access to transportation and communications, in order to expand regional competitiveness and reduce inequality.

By Gwenola Wagon
Artist, director and researcher

Around the world in 80,000 clicks

In the age of virtual mobility, Gwenola Wagon and Stéphane Degoutin revisit Jules Verne’s journey. However, what world are we entering when we navigate amidst all this information and visual representation? Who has created all this and made it available to us?

Walking School Buses


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Walking school buses and bicycle school buses are alternative forms of school transport, under the supervision of volunteers. Veritable bus routes (albeit without buses) are punctuated with stops, where children wait at scheduled times.

Urban planner

Public Policies & professional mobility

A University lecturer and an urban planner discuss professional mobilities and their role within community life. How do public authorities and, more broadly, society and its various components deal with mobility management?


By David Tyfield

China: Time For a green revolution

China’s Communist leaders are going to have to think radically outside the political box if the enormous population is to convert to the car without choking the country.

Le projet du Forum Vies Mobiles

Marche à Pied / Bordeaux public transit : the way to go

Marche à suivre, a research project meant to bring people from Bordeaux and Eysines to walk more, has just launched after a year of preparation. For this year’s mobility week, from September 16th and up to October 31st, come experiment alternate routes in the city. If you aren’t in Bordeaux this autumn, you can also follow the project online. We hope the exper…

Presentation of the association

The Mobile Lives Forum is a “transinstitute.”Created in 2011 the Mobile Lives Forum is an institute for research on and discussion about mobilities. The Mobile Lives Forum treats mobility as both physical movement and social change. It focuses specifically on the dialectic between movement, telecommunications and social mobility understood as how individuals de…

Steering committee & the team

The Steering and Strategic Foresight Committee is a place for discussion, exchange and the production of ideas - much like a research seminar. It meets twice a year. Its membership is a reflection of the Forum’s unique scientific position at the crossroad between the worlds of research, artistic creation and SNCF. Its composition, predominantly human and social …

Research program themes

The Mobile Lives Forum’s research program is in keeping with the perspective of the “mobility turn.” Its aim is to study mobility in relation to lifestyles and territories.Gradually over the course of its development, the mobility offer has become more democratized. Overwhelmingly popular, speed potentials today are used intensively by the entire population. …
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