Mobility trajectories: a key notion for conceptualizing and shaping changes in the way people travel

Laurent Cailly | Geographer
26 August 2020

How do we come to change travel modes during our lifetime? What explains why we keep some mobility practices while we abandon others? Marie Huyghe, Nicolas Oppenchaim and Laurent Cailly develop the concept of mobility trajectory to better understand the way in which people go back and forth between different modes according to their residential, professional and family trajectories, but also with regards to their experience of mobility, to various disruptions, to skills that they integrate over the course of their experiences, and also to the different phases of reflexivity that play a part in behavioral changes. To account for the interactions between these different elements, they imagined a graphic representation that highlights the way in which an individual’s mobility trajectory is constructed.


These videoconferences, given by experienced or up-and-coming researchers in the field of mobility, address a wide range of basic issues, from the mobility turn to mobile methods and the relocation of production. Over time, they’re intended to provide a visual encyclopedia of mobility.