With Artistic Lab, the Forum invites you to discover a unique place where art and science team up to explore mobility. Enjoy the work of photographers, sound and visual artists. For its opening, Sylvie Bonnot takes you on a journey through two very different worlds, starting out in Siberia and ending up in Tokyo.


An eventful time of year

13 October 2015

A few weeks before the opening of the COP21 in Paris, the Mobile Lives Forum is committed to participating in the debates and making mobility one of the event’s major subjects.

Discover the results of Marche à suivre, an experimental project of the Mobile Lives Forum. Two study fields, two issues, two ways of promoting walking in combination with public transport.

Marche à suivre, a research project meant to bring people from Bordeaux and Eysines to walk more, has just launched after a year of preparation. For this year’s mobility week, from September 16th and up to October 31st, come experiment alternate routes in the city. If you aren’t in Bordeaux this autumn, you can also follow the project online. We hope the experiment will be as fruitful as it is playful. See you there!