From the street to the planet: can mobility justice unite our diverse struggles?

Mimi Sheller | Social Scientist
26 November 2019

What is mobility justice? This is the question that Mimi Sheller addresses, from the observation that if the right to mobility is a freedom to conquer, its limits are also the root of many inequalities, whether at the level of the street or on a global scale. The urban crisis, with its inequalities in terms of access to the city's transport and amenities, the migrant crisis with its population movements and the walls that contain them, the environmental crisis with the exploitation by rich countries of the raw materials of poor countries: all these issues find a common denominator in this continuous struggle for mobility. Why not conceive of mobility as a shared resource to be managed democratically?


These videoconferences, given by experienced or up-and-coming researchers in the field of mobility, address a wide range of basic issues, from the mobility turn to mobile methods and the relocation of production. Over time, they’re intended to provide a visual encyclopedia of mobility.